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Aspen Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326

Aspen Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326

Ref: RR401024a

Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326{Details}Silent+ Mini Aqua FP3326

The new Silent+ Mini Aqua has an ultra slim design to fit the smallest of spaces, giving great installation flexibility. With its high performance motor and an uniquely designed acoustic damper it is quietest in it's class. The Silent+ Mini Aqua now includes a new an anti-vibration bracket it for even quieter operation.

This pump will benefit end-users who are looking for quieter air conditioning operation in areas such as offices and meeting rooms. The new Silent+ Mini Aqua will help to achieve that.

low sound, high performance

Today end users are demanding quieter air conditioning pumps in areas such as offices and hotels. Silent+ pumps are perfectly suited for these types of applications. The Silent+ range is designed around a ‘total system approach’ to ensure they operate as quietly as possible without compromising on performance.

Whisper quiet
Acoustic damper
Small & powerful
Plug & play

Price: 55.00 (66.00 Including VAT at 20%)

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